Healing Creatures Animal Hospital Provides an Integrative Approach

Linda Stern

Dr. Linda Stern provides integrative veterinary medicine that combines traditional and holistic techniques for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds and nonvenomous reptiles at Healing Creatures Animal Hospital, in Camp Hill. The team maintains a calming environment for all animals in order to make the experience as stress-free as possible. “The comfort of our animal friends is a vital part of our practice,” says Stern.

Services include basic wellness, animal husbandry, surgery and diagnostics such as testing for vitamin D deficiency and Omega-3 fatty acid levels; stool testing; urinalysis; and blood work. Qest bioenergetic testing of a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) fur or hair sample from an animal may help determine sensitivities or allergies and other health concerns and deficiencies. Stern uses the findings to inform treatment plans and recommend additional diagnostic testing.

Conscious about the amount of chemicals that are introduced to an animal’s diet or environment, she gives careful consideration to prescribing pharmaceutical medicine, especially over the long term. Stern utilizes natural approaches that alleviate pain and inflammation such as acupuncture; cold laser therapy; veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM); Chinese and American herbs; nutraceuticals; and nutritional counseling that suggests feeding animals foods that support joints, ligaments and other nutritional needs.

She dedicates extended time for each patient in order to provide guidance and education. “I encourage pet parents to stay informed about the origin of foods, snacks and nutritional supplements they may be feeding their animals, and cleaning products that they may be using around their animals. Attractive marketing techniques can mask proper nutrition and trusted sources.

“While there is not a 100 percent guarantee that a treatment will work, combining options may have a positive impact upon issues that an animal is facing. To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to care for our own is our mission at Healing Creatures.”

Healing Creatures Animal Hospital is located at 3300 Hartzdale Dr., Ste. 108, in Camp Hill. For more information, call 717-730-3755 email Info@HealingCreatures.com or visit HealingCreatures.com.

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