Peaceful Pet Passage Helps Families Part with Beloved Pets

Peaceful Pet Passage, in Mechanicsburg, cares for people and their pets when it is time to part. For more than 26 years, owner Rob Lauver and his staff have treated families with compassion. “Pets are not only our companions, they are part of our family,” shares Lauver.

Lauver opened Golden Lake Recreational Pet Camp in August 1987. While owning and operating the Pet Camp, he graduated from West Virginia Canine College. “As I established a loyal clientele, clients would ask me if their pet could be buried at Golden Lake, since they loved spending time there,” he explains. “Their requests are what helped to create Companion Animal Cremation Service, the Pennsylvania State Pet Memorial and Peaceful Pet Passage.”

Peaceful Pet Passage provides euthanasia, cremation, burial and memorialization options that can be preplanned, and payment plans are available. The euthanasia process is done with dignity and peace at the family's home, creating an opportunity to have all family members present, including other companion animals.

“We provide our in-home service to make the animal and the family feel as comfortable as possible,” says Lauver. “Since the pet is at home in its own environment, it is not fearful or anxious. It is much easier for the client as well, because they do not have to deal with the public during their time of grief.”

A skilled, experienced veterinarian first administers a sedative, allowing the animal to gently fall asleep prior to the euthanasia process. According to Lauver, this step sets Peaceful Pet Passage apart, because in many clinical settings, a sedative is not given, and the animal may experience anxiety, nervousness or even pain.

“We are customer-driven, and tailor the process on an individual basis,” says Lauver. “As caregivers of the living and of the deceased, we are dedicated to honoring the lives of companion animals with unparalleled integrity, respect and dignity.”

Peaceful Pet Passage is located at 210 Andersontown Rd., in Mechanicsburg. Veterinarians interested in partnering may call 717-691-9214. For more information, visit

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