Change is not Always Dramatic

Roseann Jefferson

It’s not always life-changing, traumatic events that require courage and fortitude to overcome, but the common, ongoing challenges that wear people down and require long-term skills to get through.

Certified Natural Health Professional and Colon Hydrotherapist Roseann Jefferson, owner of Nature’s Lighthouse, in Harrisburg, lives a life of service, and after 30 years in business, has a healthy understanding of getting through life’s challenges. “I didn’t experience catastrophic changes, and not everybody (the family) suffered because I had a dream,” she says, “but I come from a family of business owners and musicians, so I saw the challenges and learned from it.”

Perseverance is a key ingredient in Jefferson’s recipe for a successful business. “But sometimes you have to wait – you have to know what your priorities are,” she said, noting that her children were already grown when she started her business, and she grew the business over 21 years of working a full-time job.

Balancing mind, body and spirit is something Jefferson teaches people, and something she practiced from the start of her business. She took only as many clients as she could reasonably handle and maintain balance in her own life.

Help comes from everywhere, recognize it and accept it. “You don’t do anything alone,” says Jefferson. “There is always someone helping;—your network, ideas from clients—even if you feel like you’re doing it alone.” She also suggests those that insist that nobody helped often refused help. “The more ‘loner’ you are, the longer it takes.”

Rules and authoritarians are everywhere. “Respect all of them,” says Jefferson. Whether it’s encouraging people to be professional and take the proper steps in business or reminding people that their children are watching them, Jefferson teaches people to take the time and do the work because it does pay off.

Nature’s Lighthouse Wellness Center is located at 1713 N. 2nd St., in Harrisburg, offering nutritional and lifestyle programs. For more information, call 717-238-7045. See ad, page xx.

K. Leigh Wisotzkey is a freelance writer in Harrisburg.

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