Wellness Connected to Oral and Organ Health

Health can be defined as physical and mental well-being and freedom from disease and pain. Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania asked Dr. Owen Allison, DMD, and Dr. Carol Layton, DMD, to describe the link between oral health and organ health. “Overall health begins and ends with the health of our teeth and mouths in general,” says Allison.

Layton concurs, “The importance of a healthy mouth to overall health of the body and its organs cannot be understated. The oral cavity is the entrance to the outside world. The human organism needs to be able to feed the body with healthy food. We need to be able to chew this food well and mix it with salvia. Saliva is the beginning of digestion of carbohydrates.”

“Sore, broken or missing teeth will not break the food down effectively enough for the enzymes to do their work,” explains Allison.

Layton says, “Good bacteria that populate a healthy gut and a healthy mouth enter through the oral cavity. This begins at birth. Good bacteria assist with absorption of nutrients. Several key B vitamins are produced by the gut bacteria and serotonin, a major part of the immune system is found in the gut. Since the oral cavity is part of the gastrointestinal system, treating any infection in the mouth (tooth decay, gum disease) is of primary importance in maintaining a healthy body. Infections in the mouth can lead to infections in other organs, such as heart disease, diabetes, premature birth and other infections during and after birth.”

Allison states, “Poor oral health, causing infected, bleeding gums and foul breath, allows oral bacteria to circulate throughout the body in the blood system, affecting all of the organs, most notably the heart. Autopsy on heart attack victims most often reveals the presence of oral bacteria in the heart and major arteries.”

Layton shares that good nutrition, along with a healthy mouth and teeth are the cornerstones to a healthy body.

“The health of the mouth is key to the health of the organ system, and the organ system is key to overall heath,” affirms Allison.

Owen Allison, DMD, is the owner of Susquehanna Dental Arts, located at 100 S. 18th St., in Columbia. He is a holistic dentist who practices mercury-free, metal-free, fluoride-free and mercury-safe dentistry. For more information, call 717-684-3943 or visit SusquehannaDentalArts.com.

Carol Layton, DMD, is a biological general dentist who practices mercury-free, metal-free, fluoride-free and mercury-safe dentistry at Hershey Dental Associates, LLC, located at 273 Hershey Rd., in Hummelstown. For more information, call 717-220-1792 or visit HersheyDental.com.

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