Doglicious Spa & Wellness Center Provides Education for Optimal Pet Health

As people continue to embrace holistic nutrition and wellness for themselves, they also want that same quality care for their beloved dogs and cats. Businesses such as Doglicious Spa & Wellness Center stand ready to meet those needs with nutritional education and non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical approaches toward pet wellness.

Owned by Bruce and Tami Haines, Doglicious Bakery, LLC, has specialized in nutrition and health for dogs and cats since they opened in early 2014. Tami wanted to go a step further, envisioning an entire holistic pet wellness community under one roof. Last December, they changed the name to Doglicious Spa & Wellness Center and moved to a new, expanded location in Hummelstown, where they offer services that include pet nutrition and health consultations, holistic veterinary care, chiropractic, acupuncture, laser therapy, reiki, massage, obedience training, puppy socialization, organic grooming and animal communication. They also have a retail component selling food, treats, supplements, homeopathic remedies and more.

Doglicious staff hear from many pet parents that they have sought traditional veterinary care and medications for their dogs’ or cats’ ailments, but often after spending thousands of dollars, their pets still suffered from the same issues. Like many human health problems, Tami says that poor diets, over-vaccination and a very toxic environment cause most health issues in pets. Doglicious emphasizes nutritional education and makes recommendations for healthier foods and lifestyles.

“The bottom line is that diet plays a role in everything,” Tami emphasizes. “Dogs are not meant to eat dry, processed kibble, and most commercial brands run about 50 percent carbs and sugar, which is the main contributor of yeast and ear infections, obesity, diabetes and cancer.” Doglicious carries a high-grade line of pet foods, including raw diets, and six carefully selected brands of dry kibble made with non-genetically modified ingredients. Through a partnership with local farms, Doglicious also stocks pure meat treats. They also carry holistic supplements such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil, medicinal mushroom supplements, bone broth, raw milk, colloidal silver for immune system support, and homeopathic remedies; as well as non-toxic flea and tick preventatives.

Dr. Sarah Urban, a holistic veterinarian, has contracted with Doglicious to provide services by appointment. Board-certified chiropractor Dr. Maria McElwee, who is accredited in animal chiropractic techniques, offers services every Tuesday and on occasional Fridays. Tami notes that pets that have received minor chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture or massage have shown significant improvement in movement, range of motion, digestion and temperament, sometimes after just one treatment.

Pet education is a primary mission at Doglicious, and they frequently host seminars on a multitude of topics, such as Lyme disease prevention, CBD oil uses and benefits, nutrition and more. Most pet parents are very appreciative of the continued education and often comment about how much they have learned. “It’s our mission to educate everyone and to make recommendations that may help alleviate certain conditions for every dog and cat,” says Tami.

Doglicious works with many pet rescue organizations, and Tami has assisted The Humane Society of the United States with transporting dogs left homeless after hurricanes Irma and Matthew. For a donation to a chosen animal rescue group for that year, customers can have their pet’s photos taken with Santa during the holiday season. Doglicious also participates in adoption events and makes in-kind donations to many local rescue groups.

Doglicious Spa & Wellness Center is located at 751 Middletown Rd., Hummelstown. For more information, call 717-482-8578 or visit

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