Spring Has Sprung

Dave Korba

If I’m lucky, each week I stay fairly consistent with my morning routine most days, which includes rising early, hydrating and engaging in some form of movement or exercise, followed by a short session of reflective journaling and capped with another segment of positive reading or podcast to get myself physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for the coming day. I’ve come to learn and appreciate that prioritizing time for me on my daily calendar is one of the most important acts of self-love I can offer myself, along with nourishing my body with healthy food and maintaining affirming and healthy relationships.

While it’s great to have a routine to face each day at my best, it seems that I’ve gone from clock watching to calendar watching. The kids aren’t kids anymore and time continues to pass at a quicker pace with each new decade, which seems to be inversely proportional to the speed with which my body moves over the same period. Mornings arrive faster and my body moves slower than it did just a few short years ago.

The relationship between the quickening of time and life and slowing of the body and mind can result in tension, stress and fatigue, which are notorious factors that chip away at our overall health and well-being. No matter our age, we can learn that self-love and self-care are vital priorities for creating a balanced lifestyle and helping maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

May is Women’s Health Month, and yet the message shared in our feature story relates to everyone. Regardless of gender, proper self-care is necessary for each of us during all stages of life. We are all on a human journey of self-discovery and personal growth, with a common underlying theme of self-love and self-acceptance. What better way to travel on this journey than by loving, honoring and caring for yourself so you can be the best you, for your own sake, and to share that with others? I trust you will appreciate reading about self-care for all stages of life in this month’s feature by Marlaina Donato.

As I write this letter, I’m looking at the first buds starting to bloom. Spring has finally sprung, and I hope it brings for all of us a sense of renewal and new beginnings as we look for ways to love ourselves and to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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