A Memorable Celebration in the Spirit of Oneness

Now on its fifth year, Being Your Best Self: the Spirit Of Oneness Holistic Expo, takes place October 7 and 8 at Zembo Shrine, in Harrisburg. For years, Sharon Muzio, owner of Alta View Wellness Center, in Harrisburg, envisioned ways to bring the local metaphysical community together. “We have so many amazing people in our area, all of us seeking ways to improve our lives,” she says. “Oftentimes as a practitioner, you can feel like a solo rough rider. I wanted to gather all of us together in one place so we could collaborate and share with one another,” she advises.

Muzio decided to create an event where people could do just that. In 2006, her wellness center hosted its first big gathering called Mind, Body, Spirit Day. “It was a huge success,” she recalls. “I loved witnessing all the bonds forming and seeing the practitioners and vendors collaborating together. I was so happy.” She hosted Mind, Body, Spirit Day again the following year.

By then, Muzio knew she had created something special and wanted to continue its growth. The popular gathering outgrew her space, so she moved it to the nearby UCC church and changed the name to Spirit of Oneness. Two years later, she switched locations again and made it a two-day event.

“People really get into the energy of the event. They love to come and buy crystals, take some of the free classes, get readings—just open their minds and connect with other like-minded people,” says Muzio. The event also features live music and food to suit all palates and dietary needs.

This year’s fundraiser is being held for Nobody’s Cats, a nonprofit that cares for the local feral cat population. In addition, the Bahá’í Faith community will showcase a oneness popup art exhibit. “We’re all in this together. We’re all helping to walk each other home. Spirit of Oneness has bridged a lot of relationships in our community, and that feeds my soul,” avows Muzio.

Admission is $7 for one day or $12 for both. Free parking. Location: 2801 N. 3rd St., Ste. 2, Harrisburg. For more information, call Sharon Muzio at 717-221-0133, email avwc@comcast.net or visit SpiritOfOnenessEvent.com.

Erin Lehn Floresca is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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