Resistance to Change

Dave Korba

Impermanence is a significant cornerstone of Buddhism. Even though change is constant, Robert Frost was able to capture the resolve of humans’ resistance to change (some will call it stubbornness), in the last stanza of his poem entitled Reluctance.

Ah, When to the heart of man,

Was it ever less than treason,

To go with the drift of things,

To yield with a grace to reason,

And bow and accept the end

Of a love or a season?

How many of us innately love change? It is, after all, human nature to seek safety and comfort in familiarity. Life’s journey is to keep moving forward; to learn and grow, while loving and caring for oneself and others on all levels.

Elderhood is the focus of this month’s feature. As I read Deborah Shouse’s article, Aging with Passion and Purpose, it became apparent that her suggestions are applicable throughout an entire lifetime. Aging gracefully, for me, means living gracefully at all ages. Yet, when we hit a certain time in our life, we are often still in a position to create new beginnings for ourselves.

The wisdom gained through a lifetime’s worth of experience shifts perspectives and creates new insights about passion and purpose as we near conventional retirement age. Sixty really is the new 40, and it’s not surprising why. With instant access to information and the continual evolution toward healthier diets and lifestyles, along with continuing advances in wellness, preventive medicine and acute medical care, the average life span continues to lengthen.

I resonate with Frost whenever I’m forced to let go of the past. Reluctance reigns. Yet, while I know that we all will ultimately acquiesce to the seasons of our lifetime, I’m committed to gracefully living as if I am forever young. I believe that the fountain of youth can be found through an effective blend of healthy, organically nutritious diet and moderate exercise, healthy and happy social and personal relationships. But most of all, I nurture my youth by cultivating love and acceptance within and for myself…and then in sharing that love and compassion with everyone I meet and those I do not.

It is through the personal journey within, paved with bricks of positive attitude and gratitude, and through the discovery and acceptance of one’s true self, that true love and healing can be shared with others as we all seek to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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