Spiral Path Farm: Harvesting Nutritious, Flavorful Food for 40 Years

The Brownback Family at Spiral Path Farm

Nestled between the Blue Mountain and Tuscarora Mountain ranges in Perry County, Spiral Path Farm is certified organic and owned and operated by members of the Brownback family that have been dedicated to the health of the soil for 40 years. Terra and Mike Brownback work the farm along with their sons Will and Lucas, second-generation farmers, and give a whole new meaning to growing food that tastes different.

Mike and Terra purchased the farm in 1977. Although there was not a certified organic protocol until the 1990s, they were concerned about soil health from the beginning, made the philosophical decision to stop using conventional farming methods and transitioned to organic methods. Every year, the farm undergoes a rigorous inspection and organic certification process. “We believe that our stewardship of the land promotes a living soil, which grows healthy plants, from which we harvest flavorful and nutritious food,” shares Terra. 

Spiral Path Farm is celebrating the 25th year of its community supported agriculture (CSA) program. According to Lucas, the prices of the membership shares are far more reasonable than purchasing fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Shares prorated from the time of joining, are available for purchase at any time and last through the month of December. There are more than 40 pickup locations in four counties throughout central Pennsylvania.

“Purchasing a CSA membership is a way to directly support local farmers and eat seasonally,” explains Lucas. “By eating food grown in the climate where you live during each growing season, you experience true food flavor and will want to savor each bite. Our CSA shares contain food at its peak of freshness.”

Full weekly shares provide for households of four or more; medium shares feed one to three people per week. Both typically receive the same items in different quantities. Four-week sampler shares are available for individuals and families that may be new to the concept of a CSA. “We send our food out to new customers and let it speak for itself,” enthuses Lucas.

The fruits and vegetables are GMO-free, certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and come directly from Spiral Path Farm, grown with the practices and ethics of the Brownback Family. Strawberries, black raspberries, watermelon, cantaloupe and three months of sweet corn are available only through CSA shares. A variety of vegetables round out the selection during the year. Members also receive a weekly newsletter with tips about the share menu, as well as recipes.

“Our family provides an opportunity to taste the difference of nutrient-dense produce grown in organic soil,” he notes. “We believe we are fortunate to live in a state whose climate is conducive to the growth of locally farmed food, and we invite members of the community to experience the variety, taste and vibrant array of Pennsylvania’s produce.”

Devoted to farming the land, keeping the soil rich in nutrients and sharing food that contributes to a healthy lifestyle, the Brownback family personifies the farm’s name by creating a path along the cutting edge of organic farming. “Once you have high-quality, good-tasting food that is hard to top, it keeps you coming back for more. We spiral back again and again to freshly grown food with a distinctive taste that cannot be denied,” shares Lucas.

Spiral Path Farm is located at 538 Spiral Path Lane, in Loysville. For more information, call 717-789-4433, email CSA@SpiralPathFarm.com or visit SpiralPathFarm.com.


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