Yoga Empowers, Transcends and Illuminates

Embodying a holistic approach to the yogic experience unifies mind, body and spirit. What is often overlooked is how yoga heals on the emotional and mental planes. Scientific studies are constantly proving how yoga affects the brain and neurochemistry. According to Psychology Today, practicing yoga naturally releases gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), also known as the antianxiety molecule, which slows down the firing of neurons and creates a sense of calmness. In this state of serenity, the yogi can soften and surrender deeply into the body where emotional wounds and traumas are stored.

Through the conscious connection to the breath and body, yoga encourages the recognition and release of past wounds because it not only stretches the body, but the mind, as well. The stillness of yoga affords the opportunity to sink in to the discomfort and surrender without judgement. In this place of compassion, the body and mind begin to work harmoniously to transcend and free themselves from any emotional pain they have been holding onto for years. This is a powerful way for the yogi to find peace, ease and comfort within themselves, allowing complete self-acceptance and self-love. We can all breathe in love and exhale all fear and doubt, one posture, one breath at a time.

Tara Jo Young is the studio director of Inner-Connection yoga at The Inner-Connection, a holistic and wellness center that encourages unconditional self-love and self-healing through spiritual exploration and healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, spiritual consultations and reiki. It is located at 300 Bridge St., in New Cumberland. For more information, call 717-833-4325 or visit

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