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Culinary Mushroom Magic

Ancient cultures believed mushrooms conferred immortality, and now science has verified that yes, their proteins, vitamins and compounds do have protective powers.

Chocolate as Health Food

The darker the chocolate, the better the benefits, including lower blood pressure, better vascular dilation and a healthier Body-Mass-Index.

Peace on Our Plates

By shifting our diets from factory-farmed animal products to plants, we lower environmental costs and aggressive behaviors.

Ancestral Diets

It was never just about meat. The latest trend in adapting cavemen diets means more veggies, fruits and sprouts on the plate.

Health Rules

Crazy Sexy Kitchen author Kris Carr shares her recipes for a scrumptious strawberry smoothie and a beyond-healthy kale salad.

Grow, Pick, Grill

Americans are growing more food than flowers these days. Our award-winning cookbook authors show how to grill garden-fresh produce for mouthwatering goodness.

Healthy Holiday Baking

Yum! What could be more comforting than the scent and taste of homebaked treats? These healthy options are perfect for festive celebrations, hostess gifts or exchanges.

Holiday Cheer

Gluten-free beverages and organic spirits, wines, mixers and cocktails that avoid sugary syrups help keep our “fa-la-la” spirit going stronger and longer. They taste and look delish, too!

Global Flavors

Celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month, we take a tasty look at the continuing evolution of vegetarian eating habits and offer recipes from leading cookbooks.

Outdoor Entertaining

Easy, simple and utterly delish—make the most of backyard cookouts and picnic takeouts with these savory summer recipes.

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