Sleep More Soundly with an Adjustable Bed Base

For some people, the quest for a good night’s sleep can be never-ending. While there are plenty of tips and information available about preparing the body for sleep by drinking a cup of calming tea or keeping electronic devices out of the bedroom, the solution to restful sleep could be as simple as adjusting one’s bed to fit the body.

Ben McClure, owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More, says that an adjustable bed base that allows the head or legs to be elevated to varying degrees can help with snoring, acid reflux, sleep apnea, lower back pain and more. Adjustable bed bases were at one time commonly associated just with hospital beds or for the elderly or infirmed, but anybody can use an adjustable bed base to sleep better, sleep deeper, fall asleep more quickly and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

“The position that you sleep in can really make a difference,” McClure says. “Most of us sleep in a horizontal position and sleep on our backs or on our stomachs, and our bodies are constantly adjusting to that position. We might develop back pain because our mattresses are sagging and our bodies are collapsing into that sag. Or side sleepers, for example, have some pressure on their hips because the mattress is too hard or too firm. If somebody has circulation trouble, or they snore or they have acid reflux, adjustable bed bases are designed to solve those sleep issues.”

Those with acid reflux may find relief with an adjustable bed base because, with one push of a button, the head is elevated and the torso is no longer in a flat position, so fluid can’t flow uphill into the esophagus. Those with snoring issues can use an adjustable bed base to slightly elevate the head in order to breathe easier.

An adjustable bed base can also relieve pressure in the lower body, specifically in the arch of the back. “When the legs are in a horizontal position, there’s tension in the base of the spine. The muscles attached to the base of the spine are working harder to support the spine in a flat position,” McClure explains. “When you bring your knees up, it immediately takes the pressure off those muscles. The vertebrae opens up a bit in the base of the spine and those nerves aren’t pinched, and the circulation improves in the lower half of the body.”

Some doctors recommend putting pillows beneath the knees in order to elevate the legs and loosen the tension at the base of the spine. “That’s exactly what an adjustable bed does, but the challenge with pillows is that you’re going to flip and flop during the night and the pillows will move around and fall off the bed, waking you up. An adjustable bed base won’t move unless you push the button on the control,” McClure notes.

An adjustable bed base is essentially a movable box spring, controlled with the push of a button that moves the head and the legs oppositely. McClure says that since Gardner’s began carrying adjustable bed bases in 2001, the technology has greatly improved. The motors are whisper-quiet, and the bases are stylish and fit room décor. Some adjustable bed bases even have vibration massage features and USB charging ports. Most mattresses in Gardner’s showroom, including the natural mattresses, can be used with an adjustable bed base, and they can be used with any bedding. “The queen and king sizes are true to standard bedding. Also, if someone has a nice sleigh bed or poster bed frame they really like, an adjustable bed base works with those bed frames, too,” McClure says.

Gardner’s knowledgeable staff walks customers through not just choosing the adjustable bed base that’s right for them, but also helping people choose the best mattress for comfort and sleep needs. The Try Before You Buy Dream Room allows people to experience the benefits of an adjustable bed base in a non-showroom environment, by appointment.

Gardner’s Mattress & More is located at 830 Plaza Blvd., Lancaster (main location and premium showroom). Factory Direct Mattress and Sofas by Gardner’s has value offerings and is located at 2495 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster. For more information, visit

Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.

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