Colonial Dental Group Wellness Practice

Merger with Halifax Dentistry, LLC, Expands Services

Halifax Dentistry, owned by Dr. Pentti Nupponen, has merged with Colonial Dental Group (CDG), owned by his niece, Dr. Tammy del Sol, known affectionately as “Dr. Tammy”. Generations of families have been served by Colonial Dental Group since 1957, and the name will be retained for the newly combined practice.

“The merger brings my uncle full circle in his dental practice because he started working with my dad 40 years ago, when he graduated from dental school. Now after all those years in Halifax, he is back with us again,” explains Dr. Tammy. “Pentti has been a mentor to me through the years, and I feel blessed to be working with him.”

CDG will also be providing Myobrace therapies, an early orthodontics treatment for children, as well as other orthodontics services. Dr. Tammy and her associate Dr. Anjali Shah will continue to provide a full range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Daniel Fishel, a periodontist/orthodontist, places implants for CDG’s patients, and they have also had a part-time oral surgeon recently join their team. Seven dental hygienists round out the CDG staff, allowing families to be seen together for regular cleanings.

“We believe in the concepts associated with wellness, and critically evaluate the materials that we place in patients’ mouths,” explains Dr. Tammy. “We encourage our patients to do their own research on dental materials and any studies linking oral health with whole body health.”

CDG uses CAD/CAM technology, which includes digital scanning to produce superior crowns and bridges, eliminating the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions. During an appointment, the crowns or bridges are created and placed in the patient’s mouth within 90 minutes, rather than having the patient wear a temporary device for two to three weeks until an outside lab returns the finished product.

Learning about and utilizing the latest technologies is important to Dr. Tammy and Dr. Pentti. “We can provide better care for our patients and create a safer and more efficient workplace for our team members if we continue to educate ourselves about current techniques,” she says.

Using digital X-rays, they have lowered radiation exposure by at least 80 percent and eliminated the usage of X-ray developing chemicals, which are unhealthy for the environment. CDG, like Halifax Dentistry, uses a mercury extractor that filters out the toxic debris from the waste water. This technology is currently not yet mandatory in Pennsylvania–but it is absolutely necessary as far as Dr. Pentti and Dr. Tammy are concerned.

Equipped with the latest technology, they also understand the importance of providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for their patients so that attending a dental appointment can be a positive experience. Motivational books, beautiful art books and other educational publications are displayed in the waiting area, accompanied by soothing music, to help inform, enlighten, inspire and bring a relaxed feeling to patients. Throughout the hallways and rooms of the practice, inspiring artwork provides aesthetic comfort.

“We want our patients to feel cared for and comfortable,” Dr. Tammy shares. “Services are provided for all ages in an effort to encourage families to highlight the importance of dental health together.”

Nupponen concurs, “We aspire towards creating a family of patients who are educated and motivated in caring for their own health and wellness.”

Colonial Dental Group is located at 4940 Lingelstown Rd., in Harrisburg. New patients are welcome. CDG participates with many insurance programs. For more information, call 717-901-7045, or visit

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