Terrashield Outdoor Blend Plus Arborvitae Equals Mother Nature’s Defense

Heading into the outdoors in any area of the country can pose certain health risks, and while avoiding activities that we love can be a natural inclination when threats are high, that’s no way to live life on a normal basis.

In order to enjoy the outdoors safely, many of us are inclined to ward off insects with the use of over the counter repellents such as DEET, but chronic use of these chemical-laden products has been linked to allergic reactions, seizures and brain malfunction, and can even be toxic to pets.

When it comes to outdoor protection, no defense is better than Mother Nature’s offerings.  Terrashield Outdoor Blend spray, combined with Arborvitae, is a convenient and powerful way to combat bothersome eight-legged creatures and provide outdoor protection in a natural, safe way.   

This dynamic duo is a powerful formula that can be used by every member of the family, outdoors and throughout the home. The go-to recipe for amped-up protection is one-half bottle of Arborvitae added to a 30-milliliter spray bottle of Terrashield Outdoor Blend. Keep handy and apply as often as necessary.

For more information, call Jen and Jeff Frey at 717-503-0673 or 717-580-5139, email PureOilCouple@gmail.com or visit PureOilCouple.com.

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