José Johnson’s Increases Martial Arts Offerings

José Johnson

José Johnson’s Chinese Martial Arts and Wellness Center, which offers instruction in Tai chi, Qigong and kung fu, has increased its attendance by 25 percent during the last year, bringing changes and additions to the center.

A lion dance class; sparring classes; a quickstart program for beginning students; a revamped “Heroes” program for kids ages three to seven; and Word of the Week (WOW) teachings in class are among the new offerings. According to Master and Chief Instructor José Johnson—a 7th degree blackbelt and former U.S. national champion—WOW is used to ensure that students grow in their knowledge of life, not just in their kicking, punching and movements.

Additionally, parents of younger students at the center recently established a booster club to help provide financial aid for school belt test celebrations and national competitions.

“Martial Arts provides not only greater physical and mental health, but also creates a wonderful sense of community,” notes Johnson.

Location: 2233 Paxton Church Rd., Harrisburg 17110, in the Brandywine Plaza, at the intersection of Progress Ave. and Paxton Church Rd. For more information, call 717-540-5345 or visit

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