Earthbound Artisan Expands Service Area

Tim Seifarth, owner of Earthbound Artisan, has expanded their service area to include counties in South Central Pennsylvania. Services include native and naturalized gardens, with purposeful designs based upon permaculture that focus on mimicking systems within the broader ecosystem; dry-laid natural stone; organic landscape and lawn management; design and consultation; and stormwater mitigation.

The Earthbound Artisan team provides sustainable landscape design, construction and consultation that relies on natural systems and processes. They prefer to use native plants and ecological benefactors in design and construction, and they only hand-weed and use organic soil amendments in management.

“Your property can be more than a pretty picture. It can be a farm, a water management system, a habitat, a feed plot, a classroom and a sanctuary,” says Seifarth. “Your yard can be productive and still maintain its beauty. We’re willing to work with you to get it there, and we’re open to creative avenues to maximize its efficiency and productivity.”

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