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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

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Bauernbach Farmstead & Creamery, LLC

235A Dimpsey Road
Halifax, PA 17032

Bauernbach Farmstead & Creamery is dedicated to providing healthy, nutritious food to our local community. Every decision made on the farm is guided by the principle of improving our community and the ecosystem we live in. We practice farming methods which will leave the earth in a better condition than when we started. Our overall ambition is to create a close-looped farm system where each aspect of our farm supports the other. Our naturally grown hay feeds our beautiful dairy goats, the goats straw bedding is used to make rich compost. The compost is returned to the hay fields and used to build nutrient dense soil in our market garden beds. This underlying system results in yummy vegetables and delicious goat milk products. We look forward to the day when we can do all this using energy sourced on our farm from only the sun and wind.