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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

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Carrie Tetkoskie

Loving Heart Blissful Soul

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Carrie hosts a monthly support group that offers a safe space for anyone who has experienced any sort of trauma in their lives and are ready to start healing. She uses a blend of scientific research and a holistic approach to teaching others how to support their bodies and minds in order to heal. She guides the group through meditations and self affirmations and offers other tools that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives to help themselves. This is not a traditional support group in that you do not have to share your experience with trauma, and the group is not based around sharing traumas (though she does leave you the space to do so if needed). This group instead offers a supportive, safe, and informative space to learn alternative ways to restore your mind, body, and spirit after experiencing any trauma or grief. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for support in their healing journey.

Service on Jan 15

Carrie did a fabulous job in educating the group how trauma and grief affects the body and how to relax the body to maximize healing. Highly recommended.

Service on Nov 13