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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Dark Feminine Shadow Circle

Shadow Coaching

We have entered the #darkmoon phase of the new lunar cycle in Saggitarius.

How are you feeling beloved sisters?

It's a perfect time to commune with your #darkfeminine and shadow self as her whispers are going to be louder than usual.

Your Dark Feminine and Shadow self is calling you if -

🖤 You are longing to be more courageous and powerful but hesitant to express yourself fully.

🖤 You have had enough of hiding and playing small and know it’s time to show up in your authentic power.

🖤 You need a mind, body and soul reset so that you can finally stop the habit of burning yourself out and birth your burning desires.

🖤 You know deep in your bones that there is more to your life but not quite sure how to get there.

🖤 You are craving deep feminine replenishment and need a break from the crazy grind of your day-to-day.

🖤 You long to release sexual shame, guilt, trauma and old beliefs that have been holding you back and feel more playful, confident and light in your sexuality.

PS: If you are feeling intrigued, join us in January’s shadow coaching circle and experience the dark feminine magic within yourself. 

Date & Time

January 20, 2022

6:30PM - 8:00PM


Soul Centered Wellness 2619 Leiscz's Bridge Road Leesport 19533 PA US

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