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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Weaving Wild Baskets

Explore the nature-based survival crafts that reacquaint us with the land and root us in our human ancestry.

Basket weaving is as ancient and ubiquitous as human civilization, predating stone carving and pottery. With an impressive record of intricate designs from thousands of cultures across history, the craft of weaving baskets can seem daunting; but in this class, we’ll take baskets back to their utilitarian roots.

Using willow branches sourced from the Horn Farm’s winter willow coppice, this class will focus on what we call “field-expedient” baskets, or baskets that can be woven “in the moment” for basic functions like carrying foraged foods, fish traps, forest tools, and other land-based necessities. We’ll practice warp and weft techniques that transform plant rods into simple receptacles, highlighting the versatility of locally-available fibers while exploring the building blocks of more complex forms of basket-weaving and fiber crafts. Join us in rekindling connection to nature by learning how to build a functional basket from scratch!

Space is limited to 12 participants due to the hands-on nature of this class. Not recommended for children under 15. Children accompanying a parent or guardian who is taking the class may attend without charge.

Online pre-registration is required.  Visit this link to register

Date & Time

April 14, 2024

9:00AM - 1:00PM


Horn Farm Center - 4945 Horn Road, York, PA, 17406 4945 Horn Road York 17406 PA US

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