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Finding the Right Yoga Fit

Mar 28, 2011 07:56PM ● By Tina Stroh and Ron Blouch

Tina Stroh and Ron Blouch

“Which yoga class should I take?” is the question most frequently asked by new students. Yoga’s myriad number of styles and approaches is one of the biggest obstacles novices face when entering the world of yoga for the first time.

To choose an approach you are likely to enjoy, remember that every yoga class contains the same few elements. Ask yourself these questions as you seek the right fit:

  • How rapidly, or slowly, am I guided to move during practice?
  • Do I prefer an emphasis on a continuous flow of movement, or am I more concerned with proper alignment of the body?
  • Is my goal to relax or to build strength as I increase flexibility?
  • Am I directed towards physical improvement or aimed toward a spiritual path?

Each style and each teacher brings a unique combination of this rich mix of possibilities to every class. Additionally, other people in the class and the physical space in which the practice takes place are important. You cannot practice yoga freely if you are uncomfortable in your surroundings.

How can you find the right style and studio? Explore. First, research studios and classes online. After your research is complete, take your first class and allow yourself to love it—or not like it at all. If you do not like it, try a different class. Find a different teacher. Go to a different studio.

Above all, have fun. There is a yoga style, a yoga teacher and a place to practice yoga for everyone.

Tina Stroh and Ron Blouch are the married co-owners of Just Plain Yoga Studio, in Camp Hill. Together they bring 38 years of yoga and meditation experience to their combined 16 years of teaching and studio ownership in the Harrisburg area. Connect at 717-975-YOGA (9642) or visit

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