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Women of Intention: Ordinary Women Making an Extraordinary Difference

Apr 30, 2011 08:28PM ● By Beth Davis

Vicki Fox

At age 45, Vicki Fox had come to a crossroads. She had just ended her 25-year marriage, was raising two teenage children and realized that somewhere along the way, she had lost her true self. She was left wondering who she really was: What were her hopes and dreams, her likes and dislikes, and what made her happy?

Fox’s journey to rediscover her passions would eventually help hundreds of other women on their own paths to personal growth through gatherings that she spearheaded and aptly named, Women of Intention: Ordinary Women Making an Extraordinary Difference.

During the years following her own defining moment, Fox spent thousands of dollars on therapy, read a multitude of self-help books and attended many personal growth workshops, 37 of which were held at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, in New York. “I was looking for answers to life, and I loved learning new things,” she explains. “Eventually, my attitude about myself began to change.”

Wanting to live an authentic life and believing she could use all the help she could get during the process, Fox created Vicki Fox Productions to provide the inspiration and support for others that she also wanted for herself. Already a full-time court reporter, she launched her project as a sideline and began hosting and promoting classes, workshops and events that offered a wide range of experiences from many different paths and traditions. The diverse programs provided information, experience and practical tools to help individuals more fully know, appreciate and express themselves.

As she approached her 55th birthday, Fox was still seeking to reinvent herself and decided to invite 55 friends to a celebratory bash. The invitation asked that they be prepared to share an intention for their own self-care and one for care of the planet. Fox says the genuine, heartfelt party was filled with both tears and laughter, as the women shared personal hopes and dreams that had been forgotten or abandoned.

The next morning, as she thought about the previous evening’s events, Fox received what she calls divine inspiration: “I realized that if I didn’t do something, all of those dreams were going to die. ‘Women of Intention: Ordinary Women Making an Extraordinary Difference’ just came to me, and I knew I had to make it happen.”

Formed as an offshoot of Vicki Fox Productions, Women of Intention has a simple, but profound mission: to foster the growth, nurturance and sustainability of a community of like-minded women who support each other in living their dreams and changing the world.

Now in its fifth year, Women of Intention has given countless women the opportunity to have their voices heard in a safe space. Gatherings are held each month on diverse topics presented by a variety of knowledgeable and inspirational speakers—all designed to inspire women to take time for themselves, to find their purpose and to speak their intention. Before each meeting, Fox presents a question to the group and allows each member to individually reflect upon her answer before sharing it with the group.

“My journey is every woman’s journey,” says Fox. “We are all yearning for community and the chance to share and have conversations that we wouldn’t necessarily have outside of the group. We are an eclectic group of women, but at the end of the day, we are all the same.”

Although working a full-time job and running Women of Intention requires commitment and energy, Fox’s passion for this labor of love keeps her going. She says she has witnessed incredible transformations and synchronistic connections that strengthen her belief that she is serving a purpose.

In August, Women of Intention will hold one of its most popular events: Nocturnal Boating and Stargazing, on Lake Redman, where approximately 50 women will spend a relaxing evening boating under the stars.

However, that will come only after Fox follows her own advice and takes a little time for herself and her family. “I plan to put Women of Intention on hold for May, June and July, and am curious to see what will be born from this natural pause. Stay tuned,” she adds, with a chuckle.

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