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Vestibular Rehabilitation for the Treatment of Vertigo

Aug 31, 2011 10:28AM

The Vestibular Disorders Association estimates that more than 30 percent of U.S. adults age 40 years and older are impacted by vestibular dysfunction, a disease that can cause balance-related problems such as dizziness or vertigo.

Bob Gorinski, a doctor of physical therapy at First Choice Rehabilitation Specialists, says many of those suffering the nauseous, spinning sensation of vertigo take a watch-and-wait approach. However, trained physical therapists are able to help confirm whether or not the problem is a dysfunction of the vestibular system, as opposed to many other issues that cause people to feel dizzy. With appropriate identification and treatment, Gorinski says positional vertigo usually improves significantly in just one or two weeks.

“Positional vertigo tends to stop people in their tracks, and then disappear within six to 12 months,” states Gorinski. Although medications can lessen the nausea and help pass the time, he explains that they do not directly address dysfunction of the vestibular system. Through vestibular rehabilitation therapy, therapists can develop an individualized treatment plan that includes specific head, body and eye exercises designed to improve balance.

First Choice Rehabilitation Specialists employs physical therapists that are expert in vestibular rehabilitation in 12 clinics throughout Central PA. For more information, call 717-737-9818 or visit

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