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Fresco Green: Helping Central Pennsylvania Build Sustainably

Sep 28, 2011 12:55PM ● By Beth Davis

Rick Scott (left) and Rick Frescatore

Richard Frescatore, co-founder of Fresco Green Building Supplies, in Lancaster, was recycling before recycling was cool. In fact, he has more than 25 years experience in the recycling and waste management industry. He began his career at a small, family-owned business, where he met his future business partner/co-founder, and then transitioned to a national waste hauling and recycling firm in 1995, where he was responsible for business development and marketing, as well as the physical and financial operations of several recycling plants.

In 2005, feeling as though he was not fulfilling his mission, Frescatore set out on his own, creating Frescatore Consulting, LLC, a firm that provides waste management and recycling services for the construction, industrial and commercial business sectors. His mission, however, was still not fulfilled. Frescatore wanted to be a one-stop sustainable living and building resource for those interested in living, building and/or renovating with eco-friendly materials and practices—and to help clear up the misconceptions about what it means to go green.

What was still missing from his reach was the homeowner. To gain additional leverage, Frescatore joined forces with Richard Scott, whom he had met earlier in his career, and formed Fresco Green Building Supplies in March 2009. Scott brought to the business more than two decades of experience in the recycling and waste management industry. “There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what green is,” says Frescatore. “We wanted to reduce that confusion for homeowners, builders, contractors and architects and help them throughout the process.”

Today, Fresco Green Building Supplies operates as a turnkey education service center, featuring green building design, construction and materials that help anyone interested in saving energy, conserving resources, supporting local economies and protecting the health of people and the environment. “It’s a place you can visit to learn and share experiences, attend workshops and walk away with real information, services and products that meet sustainable building standards,” notes Frescatore.

The process of finding environmentally friendly products that work and meet the proper guidelines for sustainability can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fresco Green makes it easy, and consumers can be sure the product has been properly researched.

For starters, the museum-like showroom offers a variety of green building products for purchase, including Earth-friendly paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, cabinets, countertops, flooring and insulation. “We don’t necessarily have a vested interest in a certain product or paint, but we do have a vested interest in exposing why a product is better than another in terms of sustainability,” explains Frescatore.

The company’s evaluation begins, he says, by identifying what makes a product unsafe. From there, factors such as recycled content, rapidly renewable materials and how the company operates are considered. “We dig pretty deep to offer products that perform well and don’t contribute negatively to our health or the planet,” he says.

Because education is so important to Fresco Green’s mission, Frescatore says that individuals that come into the showroom and do not buy anything are perfectly okay with them; their mission is delivering solutions, he explains, not simply selling products or services.

Fresco Green’s list of services for commercial and residential clients is quite extensive. The company offers consulting services and documentation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, plus independent consulting for sustainable design, operations, construction and waste management services. Fresco Green leads continuing education sessions recognized by the American Institute of Architects and offers community outreach and education to service partners, which enables the company to assist with land development and planning. Fresco Green can arrange rainwater harvesting systems, renewable energy solutions and contractor services.

Recently, Fresco Green opened Green Scene, an eco-lifestyle store in Lancaster City’s Gallery Row. There, customers can purchase bath and body products, cleaning products, household items, gifts and accessories. Every product at Green Scene is researched to assure its sustainability, fair trade and quality.

“Our intention has always been to continue growing, based on what we learn and to offer our clients the tools and information necessary for a healthy body and a healthy planet,” enthuses Frescatore. “Green Scene is simply a natural extension of our mission to provide green products and services which will allow us to remain diligent in our responsibilities toward people, planet, probity and purpose.”

Fresco Green Building Supplies is located at 1520 Commerce Dr., Lancaster. For more information, call 717-519-8860 or visit or Green Scene is located at 104 West Chestnut St., Lancaster. For more information, call 717-517-8715 or visit

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