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Savasana: An Important Part of Yoga Class

Sep 28, 2011 12:55PM

At the end of yoga practice, a teacher will typically ask students to relax completely in a pose called savasana, a Sanskrit word meaning “corpse pose,” often considered the most important part of a yoga practice.

It is wise to take time coming into the pose, making adjustments that position the body in the most relaxed and comfortable position. Surrendering each part of the body completely to the floor and re-relaxing when tension arises in an area makes the practitioner feel grounded and supported.

Savasana allows one to focus on being in the present; to move attention from the gross to the subtle. Often, the present gets pushed into the background by a busy mind, but controlled breathing allows the present to be in the foreground. In these moments, the sense of yoga as a spiritual science, not a physical workout, is quite evident. When peace in savasana is achieved, it can be brought to mind and contacted at any time during the day.

Joanne Gallagher is the owner of Keystone Yoga, LLC, located at 4400 Linglestown Rd., Harrisburg 17112. For more information, call 717-695-7101, email [email protected] or visit

“You do not need to be going to the Himalayas; you can create the Himalayas in your own place."
—Prashant Iyengar

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