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Understanding Yoga

Dec 28, 2011 03:57PM ● By Ron Blouch

Ron Blouch

Yoga has become all things to all people, and any definitive attempt at an answer will exclude someone, somewhere in the world, whose yoga does not look like your yoga or my yoga. From emaciated, halfnaked men covered in ashes in India to the devotional chanting of millions of mainstream Indians, to the Ashtanga yoga of Madonna, to the Tantric yoga of Sting and the millions of Americans that are stretching and bending in gyms and yoga studios all across the country, the practice has become a worldwide, indefinable phenomenon.

Which yoga is the authentic yoga? Which one tells the true story of the practice? They all do, for the essence of yoga has always been the same. The purpose of yoga is to effect personal change. There is a yoga that will help you find the thing that you seek. There is a yoga teacher who can teach it. There is a yoga studio that can help you. Yoga is the original wellness practice.

Ron Blouch is co-owner of Just Plain Yoga Studio, in Camp Hill. Blouch will give a 90-minute presentation, Understanding Yoga, from 12 to 1:30 p.m., January 8, at the Just Plain Yoga Studio, in Camp Hill. Donation only. Location: 1845 Market St. at 19th St., Camp Hill. For more info call 717-975-9642 or visit

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