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Cleanse Your Soles Relocates in Cleona

Jannette Kortman

Cleanse Your Soles, an Ionic Foot Bath business recently relocated to a new facility in Cleona. Cleanse your Soles now offers private Ionic Foot Baths at the Curves Fitness Center.

Cleanse Your Soles Owner Jannette Kortman, a cancer survivor, is passionate about sharing her story and the benefits she has experienced with the Ionic Foot Bath. She points to the high level of personal service and follow-up provided by Cleanse Your Sole saying, “I stay with all my clients during the entire session, as the human connection is very important and helps boost the immune system.”

Ionic Foot Detox provides a simple yet effective way of detoxing the body. It is performed using a special array placed in warm water. The array creates ionization, which breaks down the water molecule and produces a negative hydrogen ion (H-) which is known to neutralize toxins. These negative ions are then absorbed through the feet.  As is known in reflexology, the feet are connected to all the vital organ systems and natural detoxification pathways. Toxins are released from various parts of the body and pass through the pores of the feet into the water.

Location: 18 E. Penn Ave., Cleona, PA.  For more information call 717-781-8030 or visit

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