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LivingWell Institute Expands Services

Dec 28, 2011 03:57PM

L-R; Des Holshouser, Terry Lewis, Gigi Jantos, Penny Koval

The LivingWell Institute is expanding with additional services and providers to further meet the needs of local communities. Services include the LivingWell Lifestyles Program, a seven-week series that teaches individuals how to care for body, mind and spirit; how to discover one’s life purpose; and the seven steps to LivingWell. The program will take place in a small group setting to allow attendees to examine their present reality and ultimately, move towards their purpose and the ability to maintain a balanced, LivingWell life.

LivingWell is an integrative approach to health care that empowers individuals mentally, physically and spiritually. It is not meant to replace traditional care, but rather provide people a greater understanding of health and the potential to influence their own well-being. The LivingWell Institute educates individuals about how to take responsibility for their mental, physical and spiritual health and connects them to a network of resources necessary to achieve this three-dimensional picture of health.

For more than a decade, LivingWell has successfully collaborated with medical doctors and other wellness resources to provide local communities with a more effective approach to whole health. Services include educating consumers, training providers, improving communications between patients and their network of providers and creating integrated health plans for individuals to maximize health. LivingWell also offers anxiety and panic workshops, stress management techniques, chiropractic and rehab services, therapeutic touch and wellness services and transformational coaching.

Location: 475 Governor Rd., Ste. 3, Hershey, PA. For more information call 717-829-5003 or email [email protected].

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