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GreenLine Paper Company Founded on Passion

Apr 02, 2012 06:30PM

Stephen E. Baker

After the infamous Mobro garbage barge traveled the sea in 1987, raising awareness of our wasteful ways as it searched endlessly for a place to unload its trash, the GreenLine Paper Company was established in 1992 by Stephen E. Baker, president and founder.

“I witnessed some shocking logging and deforestation taking place [in Costa Rica], even though that country has been trying harder than most to maintain their beautiful natural ecosystems. I decided then and there to act. When I got back to the states, I visited the landfills, the paper mills and the recycling facilities to try to get a handle on where things were at, with both resource use and waste management.”

Twenty years later our dedication to the wisdom of recycling and caring for the environment through the use of green products is stronger than ever. Baker states, “Although our product offering has expanded greatly over the years, recycled-content copier paper is and always has been our largest selling item. Using 100-percent recycled copier paper is probably the most important first step that an office can take to become a truly green office.”

The company pledge, “At GreenLine Paper, we pledge to meet our customers’ highest expectations for exceptional environmental products and practices. We are dedicated to the long-term success of paper recycling and support mills and manufacturers that show leadership in utilizing recovered or alternative fiber resources and in minimizing pollution in their manufacturing processes”, is more important today than ever, as greenhouse gases and carbon footprints dominate the environmental debate.

The company won the Sustainable Business Network People, Planet, Profit award in 2008. Greenline is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with a $5 discount on a $50 minimum order during April. A free sample pack of recycled paper products is available by calling 800-641-1117.

GreenLine Paper Company is located at 631 S. Pine St, York, PA. For more information visit

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