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Suspension Training is Compact & Versatile

May 31, 2012 10:14PM ● By Nicole Maurer

Suspension training is gaining popularity in the fitness world for its ability to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Since its introduction, suspension training has become a beloved functional training tool for personal trainers and group fitness instructors. It started in the 1990s, with a group of U.S. Navy SEALs looking for a way to stay in peak condition while on remote missions.

The group came up with a “go anywhere” workout using two anchored bands attached to an overhead beam, tree branch or door—anything sturdy—and it has grown into TRX Suspension Training. Popular due to its portability and adaptability to all fitness levels, exercisers simply use the bands with one or two hands, and can also attach their feet for moves using the floor. With just two bands, a user can leverage their own body weight to accomplish hundreds of different exercises.

Brenda Hoover, a partner in Absolute Wellness Group and a certified TRX instructor, says that suspension training has changed the quality of her clients’ workouts, as well as her own. “Imagine trying to pick something up off the floor using solely your hands,” she explains. “This would be impossible without also using your knees, hips, arms and core. Every movement on the TRX is a whole body movement.”

Suspension training is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. It can even be used for rehabilitation, as a tool for the elderly seeking to improve balance and function and as a cost-effective, in-home training tool.

Absolute Wellness Group regularly offers free TRX demonstrations. To schedule one, call 717-525-7037 or email [email protected].

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