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Turnpaugh Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center

Jul 02, 2012 11:12PM ● By Beth Davis

Drs. Chris Turnpaugh (left) and Stefanie Coforio

At Turnpaugh Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center, in Mechanicsburg, Dr. Chris Turnpaugh and his staff focus on chiropractic care, functional neurology, functional medicine, massage therapy and physiotherapy to help and empower patients to maximize and maintain their health potential and overall quality of life.

“Many of our patients come to see us because conventional methods have not been effective and they are looking for answers,” says Turnpaugh. “Many suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, poor sleep, mood disorders, autoimmune disorders, thyroid issues, poor energy and food intolerances, as well as neck back and head pain. Our goal is to get to the root cause and not merely treat the symptoms.”

Understanding that every individual is unique, a comprehensive evaluation—including a full medical history and examination—is completed during the patient’s initial visit. This includes looking for weaknesses in the body’s immune, nervous, musculoskeletal and endocrine systems and more. The clinical information is then used to help plan out a more complete treatment plan for optimal outcomes—one that typically involves multiples disciplines working together with one another.

What started as a small chiropractic practice more than 12 years ago has progressed to accommodate those patients that require medical intervention, but are seeking a more natural approach.

Dr. Stefanie Coforio recently joined the practice as an associate chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner. She specializes in helping patients overcome pain and inflammation, hormone imbalances and other chronic conditions, using a variety of chiropractic techniques and patient-specific nutritional strategies.

Over the years, Turnpaugh has remained passionate about his vocation. He is dedicated to staying current with scientific literature and providing cutting-edge care both safely and effectively. As a result, he has been asked to lecture to other doctors across the country about the application of his model of preventive care.

Turnpaugh says he loves to teach both his patients and other doctors, and enjoys trying figure out the difficult health conditions from which some patients suffer. “Attempting to offer solutions to those who were told there is no solution is extremely rewarding,” he notes. “And, what keeps me passionate is seeing patients’ quality of life and overall well-being improve.”

Turnpaugh Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center is located at 6103 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 717-795-9566 or visit

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