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Pilates for Golf & Tennis

Jul 02, 2012 11:12PM ● By Allison Zang

According to Physician and Sports Medicine, more than 60 percent of all recreational athletes will suffer one or more sport-related injuries during their playing career. Most will result from poor mechanics, a lack of flexibility or generally poor conditioning. Pilates is an athlete’s friend. The exercise method may help tennis players and golfers hit the ball more accurately, further and straighter, with reduced risk of injury and back pain.

Pilates focuses on movements from the core of the body. Core strength can improve hip rotation, range of motion in the shoulders and back stability, leading to better shots. The end result of practicing Pilates is increased flexibility, muscle symmetry and strength from the inside-out.

Try the saw, a classic Pilates exercise. Sit up tall with the legs straight and open, shoulder-width apart. Reach the arms out to either side. If the hamstrings are too tight to sit up, bend the knees.

• Inhale. Rotate the torso to the right and reach the left arm toward the right foot.

• Exhale. Engage the abdominals and reach the left arm toward the little toe on the right foot. Reach the right arm away from you.

• Inhale. Return to the starting position.

• Repeat with the other side.

Allison Zang is the owner of Absolute Pilates, 143 Walden Way, Mechanicsburg. Call 717-585-2592 or visit

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