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Beat the Heat Naturally

We may think that the only way to cool off in the summer is to turn down the air conditioner, but a trip to the garden or local farmers’ market can also do the trick naturally. According to Becky Thoroughgood, owner of Wellpoint Acupuncture, in Harrisburg, watermelon is a tasty, natural diuretic that cools and drains our system of summer heat.

Mung beans, used in Thai and Indian cuisine, are another cooling food. Cucumber and zucchini are also refreshing and help generate fluids that quell summer heat. She lists spices like mint, basil, dill and cilantro as other summer-friendly additions, and bitter greens like dandelion, arugula and watercress help bring our energy down and thus clear heat. Summer is a good time to substitute warming foods such as meats and hot peppers with more cooling options like fish and fresh vegetables.

“The key is to shift to eating foods that are cooling in their nature during the summer months,” notes Thoroughgood. “This will be far more effective than relying on foods that are icy cold, like ice cream and chilled drinks.”

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