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Why We Need Yoga

Sep 26, 2012 12:44PM ● By Lisa Stets

Lisa Stets

In our Western world, most of us are overwhelmed by information on a daily basis. A seemingly non-stop stream of data pours into our lives via email, cell phones and computers. By living this information overload day in and day out, we become disconnected from our true self and from the cycles of the very Earth that sustains us.

Undertaking a yoga practice is the perfect way to reconnect to our inner self and to the Earth and the cycles of nature. By committing to attending a yoga class or to practice at home, we cultivate a ritual of slowing down. It doesn’t matter which type of yoga we practice, because whatever its form, we take the time to listen to our bodies, minds and hearts. This ritual of disconnecting from the outside world to reconnect with ourselves enables us to cultivate a sense of calm in a chaotic world. Being in our own body, with awareness of movement and breath, liberates us to tap into our true nature.

As our practice deepens, we experience a peeling away of built-up layers of old energy and as we release this old energy, new channels begin to open. We start to notice our own hearts, our own breath and the cycles of the Earth. Through the power of yoga, we begin to feel reconnected to our true nature of existing in unison with all of nature.

Lisa Stets is the owner of Lotus River Yoga Studio, 464 E. North St., in Carlisle. For more information, visit

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