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Peaceful Pet Passage Delivers Compassion

Launched in 2010 by Rob Lauver, Peaceful Pet Passage offers a full range of end-of-life services for companion animals, including cremation, memorials and in-home euthanasia services administered by licensed veterinarians Dr. Deb Benner and Dr. Elizabeth Carney. Euthanasia performed in the home allows pet owners to control every aspect of their furry friend’s final moments.

In addition to conducting a pain-free medical procedure, the doctors’ goal is to eliminate any anxiety or discomfort the pet may be feeling. “Our companion animals live in the present moment,” says Lauver. “If pets feel the loving presence of their family and have no anxiety about anyone new in the home, they will feel secure and calm.”

Dedicated to doing what is best for the animal, Peaceful Pet Passage recognizes that sometimes the home is not the best location. In these cases, they offer a private and comfortable living room suite for pets and their family. Whether in-home or at the facility, they are committed to providing euthanasia services professionally designed to honor the passage of the pet in the most peaceful and dignified way.

“For most of us, our companion animals are beloved members of our families,” says Lauver. “Euthanasia is never an easy decision, no matter how much a pet is suffering due to prolonged illness or advanced age. But, there comes a time when we know that it is the kindest choice and we want to do what best serves the needs of our pets.”

Location: 210 Andersontown Rd., Mechanicsburg and 2709 South Queen St., Ste. 7, York. For more information, call 717-691-9214 or visit

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