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Wohlfarth Publishes Seasonal Cookbook

Michelle Wohlfarth

Michelle Wohlfarth, certified nutrition and wellness coach and owner of the wellness company, Healthy Living Kitchen, has released a new book, Eat with the Seasons, packed with simple recipes that inspire health and wellness and facilitate weight control.

“Many clients have asked me to recommend a cookbook that could guide them to healthy eating,” says Wohlfarth. “I could come up with cookbooks that had healthy recipes, but nothing that could give them simple, uncomplicated direction and guidance toward how to begin and stay on the road to wellness.”

Wohlfarth says that personal experience, along with her many clients and classes, paved the way to create an integrative-style book that is based on the back-to-basics concept of eating a seasonal diet. The book is simple, easy to follow, visually stimulating and motivating. “My goal is to inspire and motivate people to use it as a starting point and guide for their journey to health, wellness and weight control, while providing easy-to-use recipes based on a whole foods, seasonal approach to eating,” she notes. “It’s a helpful tool to simplify the way we eat and stay healthy; a manual to keep in the kitchen and refer to everyday for healthy options.”

For more information or to purchase the book, call 717-512-0077, email [email protected] or visit

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