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Yogalates: A Fat-Burning Fusion

Jan 29, 2013 05:43PM ● By Stacy Garonzik

Yogalates masterfully blends yogic breathing with the power of Pilates to create a fat-burning workout that caters to all fitness levels. In the late 90s, yoga and Pilates were combined, helping those with underdeveloped core strength needed for advanced yoga postures. While participants are still exposed to the gifts of yoga, the Pilates segment of class focuses on intensive core strength work, done on a mat. One typically burns up to 450 calories during a one-hour class.

Constant movement, flow and muscle-specific core and leg work enables a student to engage their entire body, thus increasing blood flow. The heart rate rises into the “fat-burning zone” without impacting joints. After class, Yogalates participants often report increased energy, a greater range of motion in their joints and an empowered, yet relaxed feeling.

Yogalates is popular with those that are frustrated in yoga class because their skills are not as polished, or their flexibility is limited. This fun fusion is the perfect class for anyone looking to mix things up while transforming the body.

Stacy Garonzik is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor through the International Fitness Professionals Association and the owner of Stacy G. Fitness and First-Class Fitness studio, 902 Market St. Rear, Lemoyne. For more information, call 717-557-5628.

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