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Peaceful Birth Haven

Jan 29, 2013 05:43PM ● By Elizabeth Daniels

Myrriah Raimbault

Myrriah Raimbault is passionate about helping women have a peaceful birth experience and appreciate their pregnant bodies. As the owner of Peaceful Birth Haven, she offers the women of Central Pennsylvania pregnancy and birth services that include hospital and homebirth doula services; belly casting for pregnancy; acupressure to naturally induce labor; sacred pregnancy classes; cupping therapy; pregnancy and family photography; and placenta encapsulation.

Raimbault says pregnancy is a time of tremendous growth for mothers just as it is for the developing fetus. Having emotional support can help enhance body awareness and a sense of overall health and well-being during the entire pregnancy.

“As a doula, I am dedicated to the support of the laboring mother, as well as her partner to guide them through each stage of labor, to remind them of their birth plan and to help them through the rough patches, if necessary,” she says. “I am there to answer any questions, fulfill any needs, calm any fears and ensure that my clients have a safe, memorable, peaceful and empowering birthing experience.”

Other specialties include Reiki healing energy, shiatsu massage and help with nutrition for pregnancy. Raimbault attends the WON Institute of Graduate Studies, working toward a Master of Acupuncture degree.

For more information, call 717-236-2121, email [email protected] or visit

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