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Dillsburg Chiropractic Cliff Renyo, DC

May 30, 2013 01:01PM ● By Nancy Somera

Cliff Renyo, DC

Cliff Renyo, DC still recalls visits to a chiropractor for adjustments to help loosen up joints and muscles prior to his high school athletic events. A three-sport athlete at Millville High School, in Millville, N.J., Renyo’s body took some abuse but it was a broken back as a child that made him realize the importance of spinal health. This childhood injury and early introduction to the benefits of chiropractic care is what compelled Dr. Renyo to pursue a career in the field.

Now celebrating 25 years at Dillsburg Chiropractic Center, Renyo specializes in decompression, working directly on patients’ spinal disks to alleviate pain and symptoms associated with ruptures, bulges, herniations, arthritis and spinal stenosis. According to Renyo, the spine begins to age in a person’s mid 20s resulting in vertebrae moving closer together. This compression reduces the blood supply to spinal disks, causing them to dry out and shrink. Regular chiropractic care helps decelerate the spinal aging process by allowing blood to flow freely throughout the joints and vertebrae.

“Chiropractic work is ultra conservative care and a gentle approach to pain management without the risk of side effects from prescribed pharmaceuticals,” Renyo explains. Once a patient is past the acute phase of an injury, many of them continue with periodic preventative visits to keep the problem from reoccurring. “All good doctors want you coming back for regular maintenance check-ups. If the spine was on the face, everyone would take better care of it,” he says. “They wouldn’t wait until pain, neurological or orthopedic issues forced them to seek treatment.”

Dr. Renyo is licensed in adjunctive therapy and uses procedures like ultrasound, myofascial release and therapeutic exercise in conjunction with traditional chiropractic manipulation to get positive results. Dillsburg Chiropractic Center is also home to Heather Auxt, reiki master practitioner and Brittany Carlson, a licensed massage therapist, who team with Renyo to give patients the best possible care. When compared to the cost of injections, possible surgery and prescription drugs to manage pain prescribed by traditional medical care, Renyo asserts that chiropractic care can be up to 40 percent less expensive.

“We can’t reverse the effects on the body associated with aging, but we can aid in your body’s natural ability to heal itself and make sure your problems don’t get worse,” says Renyo.

Location: 10 Tristan Drive, Dillsburg. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 717-502-0909 or visit

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