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Whiter Brighter Teeth Available from Susquehanna Dental Arts

By popular demand, Susquehanna Dental Arts has expanded their various teeth whitening services to include customized plans to meet each individual’s needs and desires, and products to help keep teeth white between whitening sessions.

According to Owen Allison, DMD, most staining of the teeth occurs on the outer part of the tooth. The whitening process prepares the surface of the tooth to allow the stain to be bleached out. Susquehanna Dental Arts has a dental assistant trained to perform in-office whitening treatments, and at-home whitening products are also available.

“A whiter, brighter smile really makes you look younger and healthier, and feel more confident,” Allison says.

Cost:  Prices range from $40 for at-home whitening products to $320 for full Zoom Whitening. Location: 100 S. 18th St., at the Columbia Shopping Center, Columbia. For more information call 717-684-3943 or 717-285-7033.