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Dental Ozone Therapy: A Natural Approach to Prevention, Protection and Treatment

Jul 01, 2013 06:22PM ● By Carol E. Layton, DMD

Ozone is the product of an energetic reaction that creates a tri-atomic form of oxygen dentists use for disinfection and sterilization during treatments. One of the advantages of using ozone over its chemical counterparts is that unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no toxic byproducts. When ozone breaks down, it leaves behind only water and oxygen.

Working as an oxidant, ozone “burns” a hole in bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasite cell membranes, resulting in cell death. The dental office can make use of these ozone properties for prevention, protection and treatment. Combining ozonated water and ozonated gas, dentists can treat all oral infections using only oxygen and water. 

Ozonated water is perfect as an irrigation solution for periodontics (gum disease) and endodontics (root canal). Ozonated gas can be used for restorative dentistry to treat the cavity or tooth preparation before the restoration is placed. Ozone gas is used in periodontics and endodontics to reach and penetrate areas where no other antibiotic or disinfectant can reach effectively.

Wound healing is accelerated with ozone because the positively charged (acidic) infection or inflammation attracts the negatively charged (alkaline) ozone to the needed area. Most bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Ozonated oils also play a role in topical wound healing on the skin or mucous membranes of the mouth.

Routine use of ozonated water as a pre-treatment patient rinse to disinfect the oral cavity prior to treatment aids in keeping bacterial and fungal levels down while work is performed. Filling water supply bottles and the ultrasonic unit (hygiene instruments for treatment of gum disease) protects the patient and staff from contaminated aerosol sprays formed during the Dr. Carol Laytonuse of the dental handpiece and the air/water syringe. Daily use of ozonated water to flush the evacuation lines keeps slime-like biofilms at a minimum and equipment running smoothly.

Dr. Carol Layton, AIAMOT, practices at Hershey Dental Associates located at 273 Hershey Dr., Hummelstown. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 717-220-1792.

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