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Keep Insects Away with Chemical-Free Repellant

Jul 01, 2013 06:23PM

With people spending more time outdoors this summer, Basic Earth Essentials offers a chemical-free insect repellent for use on both humans and canines. The formula for Repel! is a blend of organic essential oils that help keep biting flies, gnats, mosquitos, ticks and fleas at bay. The all-natural product can be applied safely and more frequently than products containing DEET, a known toxic chemical. Repel! is also safe and effective when lightly misted on canines.

Essential oils have been used for centuries as an effective method for chemical-free insecticides. The natural components of essential oils such as neem, cedarwood and citronella help to create a barrier between human and insects without the worry of harmful chemicals entering the body. Some essential oils, such as yarrow, have been studied extensively and proven to be even more effective than DEET in repelling insects.

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