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Essential Vision Coaching

Jul 29, 2013 08:08PM ● By Beth Davis

Growing up in France, Magali Diskus was always fascinated by nature, biology and human behavior. Her interests led to a master’s degree in cognitive psychology from the French University of Nancy. After working for a laboratory performing cognitive psychology experiments, she moved to the United States in 1998. It was then that her career began to take a new path.

Diskus became certified and spent nine years teaching Spanish and French to middle school students. One class of boys was particularly challenging. “They would come to my classroom directly from gym and would have a difficult time staying focused,” she explains. “I started spending the first five minutes of class teaching them relaxation and visualization exercises and the difference it made was amazing.” The results would serve as a springboard for her next move.

After the birth of her second child, Diskus decided not to go back to teaching, but was still fascinated with the multidimensionality of human beings. She discovered a life-coaching program and knew she had found the perfect fit. “To me, psychology is lacking in some ways,” she notes. “It’s become too introspective. Life coaching is focused on the future; it’s a proactive way to deal with things. I love the possibilities.”

She earned certification as a life coach and earlier this year launched Essential Vision Coaching to help others reach their goals—no matter how big or small. She offers group and individual sessions designed to support individuals on their journey, whether it’s transitioning to a new job, starting a new business, struggling with a relationship or writing a book. “The idea is to help clients determine their next best step,” she explains. “If they have bumps along the way, we talk about it. I’m not giving them the answers, but I’m asking the questions.”

Diskus uses relaxation and visualization techniques to help clients create positive experiences and visual journeys. “If you think you don’t deserve the things you want, it won’t happen,” she advises. “You must be aware of what is holding you back and believe that you can achieve your goal in order to succeed. These exercises can help. By accessing their subconscious level, people can really make changes and heal.”

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