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Bikram Yoga York: Celebrates Grand Opening

Aug 29, 2013 12:51PM ● By Nancy Somera

Bikram Yoga York is opening it doors at 222 Pauline Drive, in York, on September 18, and will host a grand opening celebration on September 21. Studio owner and director Denyse Kling has created an environment of well-being and good health, saying, “Bikram Yoga York is your local neighborhood yoga studio, a place to connect with yourself and friends. It serves as a gateway to mental clarity and physical well-being.”

The Bikram Beginner’s Yoga Class of 26 postures and two breathing exercises is scientifically designed to work, cleanse and flush every organ and muscle during the 90-minute class in a heated room. Concentration and focus are required to direct the mind’s attention to the body while performing each posture. With a consistent yoga practice, many students develop an increased awareness of the body’s need for food and naturally begin to eat less, becoming more present during meals. Those that come to yoga for weight loss find that the Bikram series provides a calorie-burning, total body workout. Other health benefits are lowering blood pressure, reducing back pain, improving sleep, less gastrointestinal upset and relief from migraines, among others.

Kling was first introduced to this style of yoga in 2003, explaining, “I was immediately bit by the bug, reveling in all the benefits it offered: physical, mental clarity, feeling good, healthy and

Denyse Kling
Denyse Kling
calmer.” She became a certified Bikram yoga instructor in 2007, completing an intensive, nine-week teacher training program that included posture and dialogue training and physiology and anatomy lectures to learn the health-related benefits of each posture. “My passion for yoga continues to evolve,” shares Kling. “It’s a gift to be able to bring Bikram yoga to the York community.”

In addition to the many physical benefits, Kling asserts that students quickly experience the mental benefits that come from mindfully finding time to simply be present in our mega, overstimulated society. “We encourage every student to break attachment to external things in life and authentically take care of themselves,” says Kling. “One of the hardest parts of any yoga practice is not finding time, but making time to be in the here and now.”

Students can take advantage of pre-opening tuition specials, and a one-month, unlimited class pass gives new students an opportunity to experience the benefits of Bikram yoga firsthand for an entire month.

For more information, call 717-741-5400, email [email protected] or visit

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