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Dental Reflexology: Available at Hershey Dental

Oct 30, 2013 08:45PM ● By Nancy Somera

Not only are regular visits to the dentist important to maintain healthy teeth, but healthy gums and teeth lead to greater overall health. As part of their commitment to providing the best comprehensive care possible to their clients, Hershey Dental Associates, in Hummelstown, has added Reflexologist Catherine Etters to the staff so clients can experience the holistic, healing benefits of reflexology as a complement to their dental care.

Etters brings 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry to her new position, along with yoga and reflexology certifications. As with acupuncture, reflexology focuses on meridians, or energy pathways, that run through the body from the soles of the feet to the top of the head, with specific organs and body systems associated with each meridian. When certain points on the feet are gently pressed during a reflexology session, any blockages or tension are released and the body can better heal naturally and maintain optimal health.

Each tooth is also related to a meridian, which is linked to the various organs, tissues and glands in the body along its length. When a tooth becomes infected or diseased, the organ on the same meridian may also become unhealthy. The opposite is also true: dysfunction in a specific organ might lead to a problem in the corresponding tooth. When a doctor works on a diseased tooth, reflexology can aid in the healing by opening up the meridians, resulting in the healing of other ailments in the body linked to the corresponding meridian.

“During reflexology treatment, people express noticing relieved pain or tension where it is held in the body, such as release in their lower back or sinus congestion clearing,” says Etters. She treats anxious patients prior to dental procedures to help them relax and become calmer. Any nausea, tension or breathing difficulties experienced due to anxiety before or during procedures may be relieved with the help of reflexology. Post-treatment sessions are ideal to help patients with detoxification and a nice way to become grounded before going back to work or caring for others.

Although Etters can work more easily on the feet when a patient is in the dental chair, anyone resistant to having their feet touched can still benefit from hand reflexology. A separate reflexology chair also allows her to work on patients that return for maintenance reflexology treatments between dental visits.

Location: 273 Hershey Rd., Hummelstown. To schedule an appointment, call 717-220-1792 or visit

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