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Theia Light Center: Lighting the Path to Wellness

Nov 29, 2013 01:06PM ● By Nancy Somera

The ancient Greeks believed that eyes emitted a small beam of light that allowed them to see, naming their goddess of sight Theia. For residents in York and surrounding areas, the Theia Light Center is helping them see that health and well-being exists when there is harmony between the mind, body and spirit.

Theia Light Center founder Steven B. Heird, M.D., has a passion for well-being, deciding early in life to become a physician to serve others. Despite a successful career as a vascular surgeon, he struggled with addiction until a 2006 rehabilitation hospital stay, where a physical and spiritual healing took place and he awakened to what he calls, “the truth”. “We live in a gray zone between truth and lies in America,” states Heird. “Healthcare is a disease maintenance industry that needs to change.”

Steven Heird, M.D.
Steven Heird, M.D.
To better understand his profound healing journey, Heird researched diligently how the mind, body and spirit work together to heal. “Traditional [Western] medicine focuses on disease; Eastern medicine focuses on energy and spirit,” Heird says. “The bridge, or marriage, between the two is an integrated medical expert who identifies the disease process and understands what services are needed to steer the patient toward the path of healing.”

The center’s vision is to empower people to awaken to the healer within. Expert chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists and holistic practitioners nurture clients with masterful healing, accompanied by strong philosophies that fortify long-term health and wellness. Their comprehensive selection of well-being services also includes cosmetic, specialized oncology aesthetic and medical aesthetic services, reflexology, Reiki and energy healing, holistic life coaching, breast thermography and bio-identical hormone therapy.

Denyse Kling
Denyse Kling
Visitors to the center enter a beautiful reception area anchored by a soothing waterfall, inviting them to relax, breathe deeply and experience healing love throughout their surroundings. Private treatment areas allow for one-on-one sessions where true healing connections can take place. “At the Theia Light Center, it is truly about you, with all the focus entirely on you,” says Denyse Kling, director of community outreach.

Free Wellness Wednesdays are held at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. Sandy Thompson and Teri Shaffer, a massage therapist and classic/oncology esthetician, are pairing up on December 4 to teach easy relaxation techniques, along with simple holiday makeup tips to renew the spirit and sparkle.

Location: 191 Leader Heights Rd., York. For more information and to schedule an appointment or consultation, call 717-741-5400 or visit

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