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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Seasonal Cleanse/Detox Program at Flex Health and Wellness

Jan 03, 2014 01:30PM

A Flex Health and Wellness seasonal cleanse and detoxification program kicks off with a two-hour seminar on January 18, followed by the two-week program that begins on January 20. The program emphasizes eating healthful, whole food, coupled with natural supplements, to accelerate weight loss, reduce the risk of degenerative disease and to bridge nutritional gaps. It addresses the common roots of all illness such as toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, acidosis and stress. The program includes step-by-step protocols, meal planning, daily emails and seven high-quality supplements. It will be followed by a healthful eating program for life and is suitable for all ages.

“Many past participants have experienced profound positive changes by the end of the program,” says Nancy Mesaros, owner of Flex Health and Wellness. “These changes include weight loss up to 10 pounds, improved digestion, better energy and mood, less congestion and joint pain and better sleep and skin. Many health concerns may improve with this approach such as arthritis, allergies, nasal congestion, diabetes, chronic fatigue, headaches, poor digestion, heartburn, insomnia, anxiety and depression.”

Cost: $99 per person; spouses may to participate for $69. Location: 18 E. Penn Ave., Cleona. For more information, call 717-450-5364 or visit

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