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Join the Yoga Family at Bikram Yoga Camp Hill

Jan 28, 2014 08:28PM ● By Nancy Somera

Mother-and-son team Victoria and Alex Piscioneri have been hard at work bringing Bikram yoga to the Camp Hill area for the past six months. In that time, the studio has gained a group of dedicated practitioners of the original “hot yoga” class, consisting of 26 postures designed to provide optimal vitality, health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. During class, every muscle, organ, gland, joint and system is addressed, while the mind is challenged to build concentration and focus.

The Piscioneris teach a majority of the 20 classes offered throughout each week themselves. Patriarch Frank Piscioneri works the front desk, making the studio a truly family-run business. “Opening this studio saved our family in a way,” Alex shares. “Once we committed to doing it, the process brought a sense of well-being to all of us.” This sense of well-being is what they try to instill in all of their practitioners, regardless of the level of experience or physical capabilities they bring with them to the mat. He says, “There is never any judgment. We simply encourage best effort, whatever that may be on a given day, and the yoga does the rest.”

With a consistent yoga practice, many students discover improved mental clarity and feel healthier and calmer. Those that come to yoga for weight loss find that the Bikram series provides a calorie-burning, total body workout. Other health benefits include lowered blood pressure, reduced back pain, improved sleep, less gastrointestinal upset and relief from migraines, among others.

“It is fulfilling to provide our community with a vehicle to improve one’s health and life,” says Alex. He regularly witnesses positive changes in his students such as improved skin and transformed personalities. “Students not only become healthier, but happier, too.”

While still young as a studio, eventually, the Piscioneris would like Bikram Yoga Camp Hill to evolve into a whole center for health. They designed the studio to include space where wellness specialists can offer additional health-related services to students.

Location: 1104 Carlisle Rd., Camp Hill. For more information and class schedule and rates, call 717-695-0117 or visit

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