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Get Regular Pet Checkups for Safety

Feb 27, 2014 01:20PM

Dr. Linda T. Stern

Dr. Linda T. Stern, of Healing Creatures Veterinary Hospital, in Camp Hill, states, “I encourage regular health exams, twice yearly with diagnostics, in order to diagnose heart disease before symptoms occur. Once the condition progresses, it is much more difficult to stabilize a patient.

“During preventative health evaluations, it can be determined if the diet is not providing adequate nutrients to support heart health. I use a combination of Eastern and Western approaches, along with the imbalances determined during an examination, to determine if my patient is in need of added supplements or food ingredient modifications.

“Additional diagnostics to help determine the animal’s health status may be recommended. I work with many different American herbs and Chinese herb combinations, whole food supplements, proprietary supplement mixes and vitamins to help on all levels of diagnosed heart conditions. If needed, many of these added supplements can be used with Western prescription medications and perhaps lower dosages. Acupuncture and cold laser therapy ( can be beneficial to heart health—both can tonify and help rehabilitate to maximize the heart condition and function.”

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