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The Unknown Muscle: Massage and More

Feb 27, 2014 01:20PM ● By Nancy Somera

Denise Bostdorf, owner of The Unknown Muscle Massage and Wellness center in York, makes every decision with careful thought, even down to the name and logo. “Clients have often asked me ‘What is that muscle? That’s where it hurts,’” says Bostdorf. “This ‘unknown muscle’ is similar to a tree that works silently to benefit our environment. We have a tendency to take both for granted.” She adds, “With massage and bodywork, clients experience a peeling back of unknown layers within the mind, body and spirit, attaining greater well-being.”  This co-op of licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers, each with a different specialty, assist clients to unravel those layers.  

Through a variety of workshops and classes for all ages, The Unknown Muscle is capable of servicing the entire family. They offer private, semi-private and group yoga classes, including a kids’ yoga class for ages 3 to 8, called Remarkable Kids. Other popular offerings include the Couples Massage workshop, Mommy & Me Infant Massage class and Meditation Exploration, a weekly meditation class to help reduce stress, lower risks for disease and enjoy greater peace within.

The co-op recently added Licensed Acupuncturist Guinevere Crescenzi to their lineup of therapists. “The goal is to be a total wellness center for the entire family, and having an acupuncturist gives our clients access to another modality that can assist in their wellness,” states Bostdorf. “Everyone’s pain is unique, and I have found that it takes a whole body approach and a combination of modalities sometimes to get better. Being able to offer services such as massage, acupuncture, Reiki and yoga to get to the root of the pain and eliminate it, rather than just relieving symptoms temporarily.”

Because each therapist at the Unknown Muscle has diverse experience and specializes in a particular technique, clients benefit from their collaborative efforts. Bostdorf notes that she has some clients that have been with her for 10 years, explaining, “The body is complex. Massage is not a quick fix, it’s cumulative. When people adapt the lifestyle, it affects them mentally, physically and spiritually.” The benefit to finding a long-term therapist is that client preferences are learned. “Each client’s interpretation of relaxation is completely different,” says Bostdorf. “Over time, a therapist learns which joints are sensitive and the techniques a client prefers so they can receive the services they are looking for without a lot of explaining.”

As Bostdorf’s vision grows along with the co-op, she will continue to make decisions that contribute to people’s wellness and improve their quality of life. She says, “I enjoy the personal connections I have with clients, knowing that I am contributing to their health and assisting in their commitment to leading a healthy life.”

Location: 3214 E. Market St., York. Individual therapists schedule their own appointments. To learn more and contact each therapist, visit For general information, call 717-371-5575.

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